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Gait Assessment

At Stonnington Podiatry we use a treadmill and computer analysis software to accurately assess your gait, biomechanical and footwear needs. We have sample footwear to use to reassess your gait and determine the most appropriate footwear for your needs.

Foot Orthoses

Following a comprehensive assessment by our Podiatrists, we can determine the best type of orthoses required to suit your biomechanical, sporting and lifestyle needs. Experienced in Sports Medicine for over 20 years and  previously been involved in a Orthotic Lab, we can accurately prescribe, fit or modify even premade devices to ensure you are biomechanically sound and more importantly comfortable wearing them.


At Stonnington Podiatry we manage foot and ankle conditions affecting all ages including children's growing pains. Heel and arch pain are other common injuries presenting to the clinic. We also manage injuries of the lower limb, pelvic and lumbar region that are as a result of biomechanical anomalies or poor footwear. We liaise regularly with allied health professionals to enable a efficient return to sport, work  or activity.

Dry Needling & Massage

Over 15 years of experience in dry needling, effective in the reduction of muscle tightness and fatigue. Useful for hard to reach areas in the foot such as deep heel or intermetatarsal pain.  Also experienced in massage, effective to treat medial and anterior shin pain, arch pain and to improve joint range within the foot.

Footwear Advice

At Stonnington Podiatry we have a huge selection of sporting shoes to wear test in the clinic to determine the most appropriate shoe for your activity whether it be walking or running.  We regularly meet with the various shoe companies and trials shoes to update our knowledge of current trends, comfort and performance.

General Foot Care

We provide foot care to ease discomfort associated with corns, callouses and ingrown toenails. We also provide advice regarding certain skin conditions such as tinea, and bacterial infections affecting the skin or nails.

Bunion Management

Bunions are a common aliment that presents at Stonnington Podiatry. Careful attention to foot types, genetics and footwear are required to accurately determine the best course of management for this condition.

Nail Surgery

At Stonnington Podiatry we perform partial nail avulsions (PNA) and total nail avulsions (TNA) to successfully manage chronic ingrown toe nails.


Analysis usually presents Morton’s Neuroma between the 3rd and 4th toes or a Plantar Plate Injury. We can help with both.


As Podiatrists we are able to advise you whether your child’s development falls within acceptable limits for their age, or if treatment may be required.


We can assess and detect early bunion formation via video monitoring and advanced clinical measurements. X-rays are often ordered to measure the extent of the issue.


The most common injuries that present are of the Achilles Tendinopathy Lateral (outside) tendinopathy or sprain Osteoarthritis or synovitis of the Ankle Joint.


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